Built by the famous Mavrikos family on the island of Syros, the Quarantine of Delos is a traditional handcrafted wooden Kalavoskaro-style sail cruiser. This classic Greek model is similar in design to that of the Liberty, measuring a full 17 meters in length its elegance and stability are its foremost qualities. One of the most perfect crafts made and fell in the sea in 1995.

Of the 60 certified heritage vessels of Greece, the ‘Quarantine of Delos’ is registered and distinguished member of this unique, traditional fleet. With acute attention to esthetic and mechanical maintenance the craft is powered by twin inboard 175 hp engines, and are outfitted with sailing masts and rigging.

For day trips the Quarantine of Delos is suited to handle various group sizes including up to as many as 40 passengers with food and drink options on request.

While each of our ships are without a doubt a work of art, at the same time they offer sophisticated facilities capable of satisfying the most demanding of travellers, those who wish to feel in tune with the authentic Greek culture and tradition.

Our handmade and specialy designed for Cyclades weather cruise boats, are in accordance to strict safety regulations approved by the Greek Ministry of Shipping and each of them is fully equipped with all modern safety equipment such as certified life jackets, life boats, visual /sound alert devises, GPS system and an inflatable boat. Also as authorized by the local harbor authorities our boats have been declared safe and approved for sailing under all weather conditions due to their design, size and overall stability.

To accommodate for overnight ventures as well as daily cruises the interior has been designed with 2 salons, 2 bedrooms complete with double beds and 2 bathrooms. With the addition of salon conversion the craft is able to comfortably sleep up to 4 people. As an added convenience the boat’s built-in electrical system supplies both 220 and 12 volt current.

Design: Liberty styled Karavoskaro
Length and width measurements: 17 X 5.5 meters (56 X 18 feet)
Maximum daytime passenger capacity: 45 people
Safety equipment capacity: 50 people
Overnight sleeping accommodation: 4 people
Cabins: 2
WC: 2
Shower: 2
CD player: 1
Electrically wired for 12, 24 and 220 volt


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